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Howe Bowtiful

USN Print

USN Print

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USN Print Bows

Finished with an alligator clip or one size fits all nylon. The placement of the print is approximate and will vary slightly with each bow. No two bows are exactly identical, though we do strive for consistency.

Headwrap Sizes: NB, Infant, Toddler, Child/Adult

Bows are available in the following sizes:
***Note: All sizes are approximate***

5" Big Bows: 5 x 5
4" Big Bows: 4 x 5
Standard Bows: 3 x 4
XL Piggies (Set of 2): 4 x 4
Piggies (Set of 2): 2.5 x 3.25
Mini Piggies (Set of 2): 2 x 3
Single Mini Bow: 2 x 3

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